As business websites become more and more common, and pretty much essential, plenty of low-cost solutions are forming, for better or for worse.

One of these solutions is Wix, a free website builder that gives just about anyone the power to make quick drag-and-drop sites.

To the common business owner, Wix can be seen as a godsend. After all, they have a chance to get their website done for next to no cost. Admittedly, I can see why the service is so popular.

Here in Fort McMurray. a good proportion of businesses go with Wix for their online endeavors. But is that really the best way to go?

The Pros

Ease of Use

Wix uses a simple drag-and-drop website builder. Anyone can easily design a simple with this. Doesn’t take much time, and provides the core essentials, like a phone number link, galleries, social media links, and all that jazz.

What’s more, the sites can look pretty professional as well, especially when using templates.

Low Cost

Let’s be honest: this is the only reason most businesses go with Wix. The prospect of a nearly free website is too great to ignore, especially for smaller small businesses. So Wix is commonly used as a cheap alternative to a full site. And in many occasions, it does its job well.

The Cons

Poor SEO

A glaring weakness of Wix sites is their bad compatibility with SEO standards. Because Wix sites are built in the AJAX programming language, Google has a hard time understanding each page. In fact, Google sees a Wix site as one huge page, not separate pages.

It’s certainly possible for a Wix site to rank well, but it takes a lot of extra work, work that the average WIX user won’t be able to do.

The AJAX code also makes it hard to use Analytics and other SEO tools for the site. Since analytics are incredibly useful for any website owner, missing out on them leaves you in the blind.

Unattractive Designs

Most people are able to physically paint, but a professional painting company will always get better result than a DIY job.

The same goes for websites. The very nature of a WIX site means that a professional web designer/developer won’t be involved. This can lead to poor site layouts, bad UI, and a general “cheap” feeling.

Visitors can tell when a site is bad, and most will leave when they see a site that looks like it was built during a lunch break.

There’s a reason companies spend big bucks on their designs: they want visitors to stay on the site. Google penalizes sites with a high proportion of visitors who leave immediately.

Ease of Blogging

While WIX sites are able to make use of blogs, the function is nowhere near as flexible or straightforward as the WordPress counterpart. This leads to many WIX sites not blogging at all.

In fact, I was unaware WIX even supported blogging till I researched it for this article.

Now, depending on your business industry, blogging may not even be a priority for you, at least not yet. As more and more markets realize the advantage of content marketing, blogging will become a necessity eventually.

So Should I Leave WIX?

The answer depends on many factors, including time available, budget, and so on.

If traditional advertising isn’t working out for you, and you want a serious internet presence, then you probably should switch to WordPress or another system. You’ll pay a lot more, but have enough leads coming in to justify it.

If your marketing budget is low, it’s better to keep your WIX site. WordPress (or other systems like Joomla and Drupal) sites are much more expensive to build and maintain, and should only be considered when you’re prepared to spend much more on your online presence.

You should also consider your industry. Businesses like dental clinics and law firms are highly competitive. Even here in Fort McMurray there are too many to count. Having a WIX site would mean your SEO would be quite poor, and you’d miss out on many clients.

In the end, it all comes down to how seriously you want a better online presence, and really, how much value you place on your site.

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