Web Design

SEO, content marketing, graphic design… all these services work wonders, but they can’t be done without the heart of your business’ online presence: your website.

The key to a high ranking in Google and other search engines is a well-designed, functional website, relevant content and what we in the industry call ”keywords”. The site also nees to look amazing across all devices, and especially smartphones.

In depth Keyword research is one of our first steps to insure that you achieve the highest rankings and sales converting copy to insure you more qualified leads, and in turn, more revenue!

But it’s not just about ranking highly in Google. Your website needs to be planned with a clear objective in mind for what actions you want your users to take. That’s where our sales expertise comes in, helping you generate more leads while not having to worry about a unprofitable site.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

A website is important, no doubt, but it is no way enough.You need eyes on that thing if you wanna get clients from it!

Search engines offer the best way to acquire leads, because of the rate of conversion. To make the best use of the power of local searches, you need to be ranked in the first page of Google.

Our effective local search engine optimization (SEO) will get you ranked, and more importantly, keep you ranked in that important first page, opening the door for more visibility for your business.

Graphic Design

Your company needs to have a brand of its own if you want it to attract clients. That’s why graphic design is so important to your business.

Having a high-quality, memorable brand increases customer trust, and really puts you on the path to becoming more well-known across your industry.

Whether it’s a new logo, a brochure, or even business cards, we can help with all your graphical needs.

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A Little About Us

Makki's Marketing provides local marketing services to small businesses in Alberta and across Canada.

We believe in the power of the internet when it comes to generating leads, and work with local businesses to help them improve where they need it most, whether that may mean a new website, quality SEO, or even professional AdWords campaigns.

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