SEO and content goes hand in hand and they are becoming more and more integrated to help you achieve your digital marketing goals. SEO help potential customers discover your brand and any information about it. While content is there to make sure that you’re users are engaged to your brand.

How do SEO and content work together and what is the relationship of the two that makes it complicated?  In the following post from Search Engine Journal, you’ll learn about the ways on how to make SEO and content work together to achieve your marketing goals.

3 Ways SEO & Content Work Better Together

Let’s look at three essential ingredients SEO requires – keywords, backlinks, and a technical site audit – and how SEO and content work together to help you achieve your digital marketing goals.

1. Keywords Can Help You Generate Content Ideas

There is no such thing as SEO without keywords, and the most astute content marketers understand that the best content helps your rank for the terms that are most related to what your consumers are already searching for – which is why every effective content strategy starts with keyword research. Read full list here…

You should be aware of these three important factors that SEO requires which are keywords, backlinks and a technical suite audit.

If you want your brand to get more traffic, do you know an effective way of doing it? In the following post from Search Engine Land, it talks about the convergence of SEO and content and what to do to make use of it.

SEO and content convergence: Making the most of moments that matter

The convergence of SEO and content marketing has been a topic of conversation for many years, and now the fusion is finally happening. Case in point, BrightEdge (my company) recently surveyed 250 digital marketers from leading global brands and found that 97 percent of marketers surveyed believe that SEO and content have become more integrated and/or are converging into a single function, with only 3 percent viewing them as separate disciplines. Read full article here…

One key thing that you should be doing is to combine your SEO with content in order to produce a much better quality content that’s engaging to your users and customers. The two must share specific goals and aim to work as a whole to deliver more meaningful experience to your users.

Content is really important when it comes to SEO and it is really important that you know what content you are going to use. In the following post from Moz, you’ll learn about the 10 types of content that works best for SEO.

The 10 Types of Content That Work Best for SEO

So I made this list of 10. There are actually 11, but I don’t particularly recommend all 11 of these, and what I’ve done is, below the video, you can see in the text content of this Whiteboard Friday I’ve made a list. For each of these 11, I have a URL that’s a good example of this and a search query for which that URL ranks, so you can get a sense of what this type of stuff looks like. So you’re probably familiar with most of these formats:

1. Blog posts and those could have regular updates or be republished on a regular basis e.g. Live & Dare’s Benefits of Meditation (ranks for Meditation Benefits) Read full list here…

There are many formats you can use when creating your content. It is up to you on how creative you can get and apply the best format for your content. There are many popular types of content that you can follow in order to create an engaging content for your marketing.

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