SEO is changing a lot. It’s constantly evolving to accommodate users, provide them with the best user experience and get rid of the people who try to game the system. For that reason, you need to keep up and improve your SEO, using new and updated strategies to make sure that your ideal customers can find you and you don’t get left behind. Here are a few valuable tips on what to focus on in SEO this 2018.

First on our list is the importance of ranking and optimization for mobile devices. Mobile users are significantly growing each day that it is not ideal just to ignore them. A recent post from Search Engine Journal talks about why you should focus on optimizing your website for mobile search.

Ranking & Optimization for Mobile Devices

A fact to remember: mobile search is different from the desktop search. Period.

The content of the mobile search can vary from the desktop as well.

That’s why optimizing your website for mobile search is mandatory.

This will positively influence both your conversion rate and rankings, as Google will consider the adaptive website design (one that fits into any screen size) as another positive factor for ranking since April 2015. Via

Mobile-ready websites are essential nowadays and the websites who are optimized for mobile devices surely benefits the most. There are tools you can use to check how optimized and ready your website is for mobile devices.

Make sure that your website is optimized for mobile devices!

Next is security. Businesses especially big companies are prone to cyber-attacks that is why you need to realize the importance of security and making sure that your websites and system are protected from such attacks. A new post from The Next Web discusses why security is an important factor when it comes to SEO.

If you think you can ignore security, think again

Big companies, many of which have fallen victim to intense cyber-attacks, have now realized the importance of security and are planning to invest a lot of money into making sure that their systems are protected.

Small businesses will obviously not have nearly as many funds to invest into a very advanced security system but small security measures can go a long way towards protecting websites and their data, including the very personal information that users entrust said websites with. h/t

With Google making security an most important factor,, you need to invest it. Getting a security breach will likely lead to bad reputation and less traffic.

Lastly, you need to focus on voice search. More and more people are using voice search since there are new smart speakers like the ones on Amazon and Apple. A recent post from Revital Agency shares why voice search is gaining traction this year and will be an important factor in SEO.

Voice Search Will Gain More Traction

Rather than keying in a search query on their computers or mobile devices, users can simply use their voices to get the search results they’re looking for, which will ultimately save them time.

As a result, search queries may differ from what users type into search boxes. For example, with voice search users typically focus on natural-sounding phrases and questions, rather than query language that may be more convoluted. This will affect how businesses evaluate SERPs. As a result, tools such as Rank Tracker are likely to help with optimizing voice search SEO rankings. read more at

Along with mobile devices comes the popularity of smart speakers and digital assistants where you can use search query using your own voice. That is why you need to focus on this as it can play a prominent role.

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