Content is essential to SEO as it tells visitors and search engines about the quality and intent of your website. Content is an important foundation of an effective digital marketing especially when it is tailored to your SEO strategy. For that reason, it is crucial that you’re able to create effective content that successfully targets your intended audience.

In order to produce SEO-friendly content, you should know how to write effectively, and to that end one of the most important factors you should remember is the title. SEO friendly titles are essential since it is the first thing your audiences will see or read. A recent post from First Found explains the importance of titles:

Write a great title

The title of your post is what grabs readers’ attention, so you need to make sure it’s gripping whilst also being SEO-friendly. An optimised title is vital, as it indicates to the search engines what the page is about.

A top-notch title should include your target keyword, and if possible a ‘power word’ (a word that has been proven to improve the click-through rate). A great tool to use is the headline analyser from CoSchedule, which will tell you what percentage of your headline is made up of power words and give you a score based on how clickable it is.

Also bear in mind the length of your title. Ideally, it should be 55-60 characters so that it’s displayed without breaks in the search engines. Read more at

Keywords play an important role in the title of your content. Having a good long-tail keyword in your title will help you rank better in search results.

One challenge when it comes to SEO is writing content optimized not only for search engines but also for different audiences. A post from SEO Company Los Angeles details this:

How To Target Your Audience

Once you have determined the purpose of your social media strategy, the next step is to make a detailed analysis of the audience you intend to reach. People use social media platforms to establish personal connections and stay in touch with other people who share similar interests. If you want successful results, start to think about your target as an individual rather than just a massive public.

First of all, it is important to determine the number of segments your strategy will reach in order to meet your business’ needs. How many are there? What tells them apart? These groups should represent a true business opportunity. Make sure you have the key resources needed to reach them and to deliver specific messages created to generate an impact on each particular segment. Via…

The content that you’re producing must provide value for your primary audience since they are your main target, but your other audiences should benefit from your content as well.

Know your target audience!

Another challenge you will probably face is regularly updating and maintaining your content.. According to Search Engine Land, maintaining and updating your SEO-friendly content is an overlooked aspect:

Regularly update and maintain existing content

While most content marketing strategies focus on crafting new content, a complete content strategy will also account for existing content and pages.

As you identify potential link opportunities and content gaps, don’t forget to take stock of your existing content. Sometimes it can be easier (and more effective) to update existing content rather than create something from scratch.

In fact, many of the methods for improving content listed above can be applied to your own pages.

Adding extra content types can be particularly effective for upgrading existing content. For example, adding a video to a long-form how-to post adds extra value and linkability, and can even capture bonus traffic and attention via YouTube — as I demonstrated in this post. See more at…

Some of us have only limited time. Thus problems arise when you don’t have time to regularly post new content. In this case, updating older posts gives you something productive to do in the meantime.


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