2018 is right around the corner. With SEO having a changing technological environment and regular Google algorithm updates that greatly affects the search results many are already looking forward to the latest trends in the upcoming year. Here are a few SEO trends that will likely matter and have a big impact this year.

First on our list is to prepare for mobile-first indexing, since the majority of search queries are being done from mobile devices according to Google. A recent post from The Leverage Way talks about why optimizing your website for mobile are crucial and will likely have a big impact for the year 2018.

Prepare for Mobile-First Indexing

Many SEO articles today mention that a “mobile-first index” is coming soon, but what does this mean exactly? To put it simply, an index is just another name for the database used by a search engine, and Google will soon begin to index data (taking it from the site and adding it to Google’s database) from a mobile site instead of the desktop site as it has always done.

We know that most Google searches are now mobile, but Google’s ranking is still focused on the desktop version of the website. Google wants to fix this, and fix it they will. Google’s mobile-first index began live testing last year, in 2016.

An official mobile-first indexing for all websites will happen more quickly than you or I probably expect. 2018 could be the year that a full-fledged mobile-first index goes into effect. If you want to invest in SEO and truly have your efforts pay off, you must begin taking action to ensure the content, user experience, and web design of your site is fully optimized for mobile users. Via theleverageway.com

Mobile optimization is now necessary for all websites. Businesses should improve the user experience and engagement of their website by creating responsive mobile pages.

With the rise of usage in mobile devices, a significant amount of search queries are made through voice search according to Google. That is why voice search could be an important factor that you should consider next year. A new post from Search Engine Journal discusses the importance of voice search for SEO in the year 2018.

Voice search

Over 20 percent of queries are via voice search, according to Google, and users are asking more “how to”- questions along with other question-related content. This means brands must have sound content strategies that dominate quick answers.

Voice search is changing the way users are communicating with Google and other search engines to find relevant answers to their questions and it is becoming an integral part of the Google experience. SEMrush and other providers offer tools that show you what traffic is from featured snippets, etc. and it is rumored Google is working on something for voice searches in Google Analytics. h/t searchenginejournal.com

Voice search along with responsive mobile pages are going to be the most influential factors for visibility in 2018.

Take advantage of visual content!

Lastly, visual content is king as always. Increasingly many brands are taking advantage of creating visual content because it increases reader engagement and attracts potential customers. A recent post from Inc shares why visual content will become a trend this new year.

Visual content is king

This will produce a greater need to curate content that increases engagement and social shareability. While Google will never admit it, many experts suspect user signals and social signals serve as either a core or indirect influence on organic rank. Consider that Facebook posts with images receive 2.3 times more engagement than those that don’t.

Producing a multi-media strategy should be a primary focus to expanding your brand’s reach through content marketing in 2018. Read more at inc.com

Visual content is important for SEO since it increases engagement signals, which Google loves to see. So build quality visual content on a regular basis to attract potential customers and improve visitors engagement.

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