Local SEO is extremely important in order for your marketing to succeed. That’s most of the time you’ll need to get access to tools and resources that can help you improve your SEO strategies.  Good thing is that most of the local SEO tools you need are available for free and you might be using some of the common SEO tools already.

To further enhance the local SEO strategies you’re implementing and track all your SEO efforts, you’ll need to make use of local SEO tools. A post from Moz gives local SEO tools which are free that you can add to your kit.

Free Local SEO Tools that Belong in Your Kit

Today I’m popping open my personal tool kit to share a list of my favorite free local SEO tools. The creators of these tools range from one-person shops to the United States government, and I’m grateful for the effort that went into developing these resources that make the life of any hard-working local SEO just a little bit easier and more effective.


This best of all free local tools shows you where business listings exist for your company on key local platforms and where they don’t. It helps you to determine exactly where you need to list your business next. Over the years, I’ve used this tool for local SEO more than any other. It surfaces five important pieces of data about your business: Read full article here…

These tools are already a big advantage for you, not only are they free and accessible but it can help your work in local SEO easier and much more effective. It is important that you take the opportunity to make use of all the tools that you can and try which tools you’ll need for your SEO strategies.

A post from Local SEO Guide is another great source of local SEO tools and software that you can use. From citation and listing tools to rank tracking tools, you can find some great resources for the things you’ll need.

Local SEO Tools & Software

The market for Local SEO Tools is just as fragmented and confusing as the rest of the Local Search Marketing industry. We use this space to keep track of what’s out there.

Yext PowerListings

Yext Powerlistings can automatically update your business’ information across 50+ of the top local search sites out there including GoogleMyBusiness, Facebook, Yelp, Yahoo Local, SuperPages and more. They also now do review monitoring and analytics. It’s not free but the amount of time it can save you is huge. Read full list here…

There can be many local SEO strategies that you can implement and it’s up to you which one you’ll benefit from, with the use of those tools and resources it can make your strategies much more effective.

One important thing for local SEO and why you need to use tools is to improve your rankings. A post from SEO Pressor gives you 19 local SEO tools that you can use to improve your rankings.

Top 19 Local SEO Tools To Improve Your Ranking

Local SEO is an essential part of your SEO strategy, especially if you’re a smaller to mid-sized company that relies on the business of local customers. There are many different local SEO strategies that you can implement, from optimizing your content using local SEO keywords to submitting your NAP (name, address and phone number) to various local directories. To help organize, streamline and track all of your local SEO efforts, you should make use of these local SEO tools.

The following are 19 different local SEO tools that you might find extremely useful, some of which are available at a small cost and some of which are free local SEO tools.

1) Whitespark Local Citation Finder Read full list here…

The ultimate goal of using local SEO tools is to make it much easier to apply your local SEO strategies and track them, this is to make sure that your SEO efforts are successful.

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