In this post, we’ll go over citations in local SEO, how having no problems in terms of SEO will give you good ranking and how to give your SEO a boost for accessibility improvements.

The following post from Brightlocal talks about what local SEO citations so if you don’t know what citations are and the benefits of it for your local SEO then take the time to read to learn.

What Are Local SEO Citations?

SEO citations are any place online where your business’ name, address and phone number (NAP) is listed. One of the reasons citation sites are so great for local SEO is because the search engines, like Google and Bing, trust the quality citation sites – which can help you get shown higher in the search engines.

When you do a local search, you will typically find that citation sites/online business directories, dominate the first page of search results:

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Local SEO citations might not be the most important local SEO factor but they’ll surely help you for making your listings on the top results of Google

The following post from Local Visibilty System talks about having problems and fixing your problems in SEO.

Local SEO Fairy Tale: No Problems = Good Rankings

In SEO, fixing problems is only half the challenge.  The other half is to become notable in some way.

One cause is that website tweaks and citation-slinging are easy for marketing companies to bill for, and easy to delegate for cheap.  Very scalable.  Looks like a lot on paper.  Nobody experienced or skilled has to be involved.  Endlessly tweaking the site and building listings on local directories listings is part and parcel of what I call drive-by SEO.  If and when that doesn’t work, you fire the old SEO company and find a new one, where the new people claim the last SEO people didn’t “optimize” enough.

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Local SEO is not all about fixing problems when you have one but also taking advantage of opportunities and getting more content, having more reviews than your competitors have.

The following post by Tamar Weinberg from Search Engine Journal will give you tips to boost your SEO accessibility improvements.

Give Your SEO a Boost With These 12 Accessibility Improvements

Here are 12 ways to optimize your site for accessibility and ensure you’ve covered all your bases.

1. Responsive Design

Most developers and designers know by now that websites need to be compatible with desktop and mobile viewing.

Even if you don’t have a professional designer to create your site, most website themes or designs are built “responsive,” meaning they automatically resize to be accessible and readable from a mobile device anyway.

Even so, it’s important to remind everyone that websites must be responsive in design for improved accessibility.

2. Interaction Methods

Some of your visitors are unable to use a mouse, keyboard, or their fingers (on mobile) when interacting with your website.

If you want to cut down on the inconvenience of users having to rely on solely physical interactions with your site, include text-to-speech options.

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The tips given might need you to put extra work and time but it will still help increase your audience and create a good experience for your users.

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