Why Does Your Business Need a Website?

By now, you’ve probably noticed most people use the internet to find things. Products, services, you name it. They’re searching 24/7. And all that searching becomes traffic.

Know the best way to capture some of that traffic?

Yeah, I’m talking about websites, In today’s online world, a website is not a luxury. It’s a necessity. With 70% of Canadians researching online before going shopping, there’s simply no excuse not to have a quality web presence.

I Have a Facebook Page. Isn’t that Enough?

Absolutely not. Facebook can generate a lot of pageviews, but it rarely converts leads. It’s more of an article-oriented platform, and you can’t really do much without paying for ads.

Plus,  the page isn’t even yours. Facebook has the ultimate say in your future. If it decides to limit your reach suddenly, or close your account on accident, there’s nothing you can do. In that event, what do you have to fall back on?

Your website is totally yours. No third party can choose to kill it. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, all those social media platforms are good, but they’re in no way what your online presence should be.

Ideally, that online presence would be a tailor-made, well-designed website.

But I don’t need Web Design!

A website is the best way to market a business to influence those decisions. Especially for a small business. If a potential customer is even remotely interested in anything you do, they check out your website. It’s the fastest way to learn about a company, and what they sell, and even form a first impression.

That’s right: people do make impressions based on websites. If you don’t even have one, they won’t even notice you. Just like that, you’re outdated.

A website increases your credibility. No business would go without business cards. It’s just not done. Same goes for websites.

Websites are Powerful Promotional Tools

A website isn’t a like a flyer or brochure. Those are quickly outdated, and most often ignored. Not to mention, they cost quite a lot.

On the other hand, your website can be updated almost instantly with news about your new products, promotions, sales, etc.

The advantages go beyond quick updates. What if someone wants to ask about your business, and it’s closed? In that case, they could wait until you open to phone you, but they’re way more likely to simply visit your website. And if you don’t have one, they’ll simply try one of your competitors, and that’s a lost customer.

In the same way, your website can attract totally new customers. If they have a problem that you can solve, a website can bring you to their attention. Remember, people don’t search phone books for plumbers to fix their pipes. They search Google. Browsing a website is just so much easier than calling and asking.

That convenience, that ability to find all the info you need at anytime, is something that only a website can grant you. Flyers, catalogues, even radio and TV ads end as soon as you stop paying. A website is evergreen.

The Importance of Good Web Design

I can hear you now: “but I already have a website!”

And that’s great. But is it any good?

It’s often said that having no website is better than having a bad one. Let that sink in. If your site is poorly made or presented, and offers no value to customers, then your brand will suffer.

A ‘good’ website is optimized for the search engines. Simple 3 or 4 page sites won’t do you much good. Google and the other search engines have made website quality a top priority.

Over the course of my work, I’ve seen websites designed by hobbyists, by “my cousin’s nephew,” and even by phone networks. Granted, these sites worked, but they were small, slow, and horribly designed.

When a potential customer enters your site, they form that all-important first impression right away. As a business owner, you know that first impressions are everything.

If your pizza place website is a mess, you might as well hire a hobo as your delivery guy. That’s the kind of impression we’re talking here.

Look past the main page, and you’ll see that the same principle applies. A disorganized menu makes you seem disorderly. A lack of info makes you seem uninterested in the website. Low quality images also throw users off. In the worst cases, the images might not even indicate what the business does.

Mobile Optimization: The Next Frontier

Although a well-designed website is your number one priority, it’s not the only thing you need to worry about anymore. Consider this: half of all internet use is on mobile.

As more and more people browse with their phones, the importance of having a mobile-ready site has increased. Websites need to be optimized for mobile, so that phone users can have the best experience.

Google has also recently implemented Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), which is content that loads instantly when clicked. AMP is very new, but this is all the more reason to pursue it first.

Nowadays, you need a mobile-friendly site. It makes all the difference to a potential client.

It’s Not Too Late to Act

If you don’t have a website yet, it’s certainly not too late to get one. According to canadianbusiness.com, half of Canadian small businesses don’t have any online presence. This is a huge opportunity to get a headstart on your rivals.

Even if competitors do actually have websites of their own, they’re more likely to be simple and uninviting, existing only as placeholders. Again, this is where you can shine.

Being the first in your line of work to really emphasize web design (and the all-important local SEO) will give you an unimaginable edge. Our web design service provides you with superbly-designed, mobile-friendly sites.

Call now at (780) 531-1147 or send us an email at info@makkismarketing.com for a free quote.


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