Why is Local SEO Important for Your Business?

When you need a plumber nowadays, where do you go to find one to call? Chances are, it’s not the phone book. Or the flyers you get in the mail, assuming you even keep them.

You most probably go to Google on your computer or smartphone and search for plumbers. Then you call someone in the near the top of the results, in page one.

Think about it: all those plumbers in the first page must have a lot more calls then the ones in the second page. It’s a fact that barely anyone even goes to Page 2 of Google. And since 70% of people use online search to find local businesses, those Page 2 plumbers are missing out on a lot!

So how do you, the business owner, take advantage of that traffic? That’s where local SEO comes in.

What is Local SEO?

If you want to have the most exposure in the search engines (mostly Google), search engine marketing/local SEO (or Search Engine Optimization) is exactly what you need. It’s an extremely effective type of online marketing where your promotions are seen only by the people who’re looking for them.

When you pay a few thousand dollars for a flyer or a local ad in the paper, you’ll reach a lot of people. But how many of these people actually want what you’re selling at the time they read a flyer or a newspaper ad?

The truth is, they’re simply not interested.

With local SEO, you reach the people who’re looking for you. Those people searching for plumbers are only doing that because they want plumbers. They search housecleaning when they want housecleaning. You get the idea.

Local SEO for small businesses may seem odd at first, but It’s just such a targeted advertising strategy that you really need to know how it works.

Isn’t a Website Enough?

It certainly isn’t. I will admit, a well-designed website is a must for any business. But it’s not enough.

A website informs people about your business, but without local SEO no one will see it in the first place. You’d be stuck outside of page one, and all the potential customers would be clicking your competitors’ websites instead.

Is It Really That Effective?

The very nature of local SEO makes it the most convenient from of online marketing, and marketing in general, since you reach the customers who are seeking you out.

This makes local SEO very precise. In fact, 50% of local searches lead to in-store visits in the same day, which is a huge boost to any business.

The good news doesn’t stop there, though. Local SEO has a 1 in 2 conversion rate; in other words, half of all leads become customers. After all, if they’re searching for something, they’re already in a buying mood, with wallets out. This is easily the highest-converting form of local advertising out there.

There’s also the fact that unlike brochures/flyers/ads, you only reach those who need you, making for a great return on investment.

Mobile Searches: An Even Better Case

Local SEO covers both PC and mobile, but it truly shines on the latter.

Pretty much everyone walks around with a smartphone these days. They use it to talk, play games, and most importantly, search. Considering that most mobile searches are made on the go, having local SEO in place means you’ll appear for their increasingly localized search results.

Remember that these on-the-go searches are the most easily converting. The better your SEO is, the more visible you are. You’re essentially in the front of the line.

Of course, the rise of mobile means you need a mobile-friendly site, which we can help you with as well.

Aren’t Online Ads Easier?

This is a huge misconception. Many people believe that they can simply spend a few hundred dollars on ads (such as Facebook ads/Google Adwords) and call it a day.

It doesn’t really work like that in the end. Don’t get me wrong, ad campaigns can be really effective, but they are no excuse not to pursue local SEO.

With paid ads, you’re paying for every click, not every lead. If your conversion rate is low, you basically for views. In addition, paid ads are only active as you pay. When you turn off the faucet of money, it stops.

Local SEO is organic. You get to the first page, and with a little maintenance, you stay there.

Besides budget, there’s also the perception of ads. Most users won’t click them. They know if an ad is at the top, someone paid for it. Facebook, Google, and others make it ads stand out. The organic search results, though, are much more transparent.

It’s worth noting that Google takes reviews into account. 88% of consumers view online reviews as equal to word-of-mouth recommendations. It’s clear that people have faith in local SEO. Ads work, but not on their own.

Is It Really Necessary? I Don’t Have Much Competition!

You better believe it. It’s a big mistake to assume that you don’t need search engine marketing just because you don’t have much competition.

It’s very likely that your competition has already investing into their online marketing. Remember, people are searching for you. If they see someone else, that’s a lead gone.

Let’s just say that no one in your industry is pursuing local SEO. It’s still a huge opportunity. In the future, local SEO will be even more important than it is now. The businesses who neglect to start now will have to play catch-up with already-established rivals.

Go back to the plumber. When someone needs a plumber, they search for one and call (or visit the website) the first one that gets their attention. You could be offering free service, but no one will notice.

As more and more businesses adopt search engine marketing, and traditional marketing continues to decline, the competition will grow and grow. Take the opportunity to get a headstart.

Get Your Local SEO Started

No matter what type of business you own, you need to take advantage of the power of local SEO. A cost-efficient, highly-converting form of marketing couldn’t be more useful in a down economy such as ours.

We’re ready to help you out. Using advanced strategies, our local SEO service will get you ranked where you need to be on Google and other search engines. More importantly, we help you to stay there by continuously maintaining your optimization.

Contact us for a free review of your current online presence and a quote, or call us now at (780) 531-1147.

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